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When can a parent make medical decisions for a child?

When you are a custodian of a child, the responsibilities go far beyond the simple visitations that you have with your child. You, of course, have the duty to love, protect, and help them grow up to be responsible adults. With these responsibilities, you will have to take them for medical consultations from time to time.

Steps to take in modifying a divorce settlement

Divorce settlements are usually looked at as a final statement, set in stone, that can be brushed aside and never looked at again. Although many divorcees would rather move on with their lives and never have to think about the stress and unsettlement that going through a divorce can bring, the reality is that on occasion a divorce settlement should be reconsidered, because some of the terms are not working for one of the individuals.

How do taxes work regarding alimony?

Either receiving or paying alimony can be a very complex when it comes to how it relates to taxes. It is important to make sure you know what is tax deductible and what you are likely to owe. If you are receiving alimony, this should be taxed as alimony. Similarly, if you are paying alimony, you should deduct this from your income tax since your former spouse will be paying the tax owed on receipt of the alimony.

Can I appeal my child custody order?

Most parents choose to settle their child custody matters in out-of-court agreements. Such an outcome is preferable because, although the parents may need to reach a compromise, they remain in control of the result. When a case goes to trial, on the other hand, a family court judge will make the decision, and the outcome isn't predictable with full accuracy. Sometimes the result is not even appropriate under the law.

Appealing a family law decision

At Mercedes R. Wechsler, PA, one of our jobs as family law attorneys is to balance client expectations of what is fair with the cold hard reality of the law. The thing is, Florida's laws were created to be "fair," so if you don't think the judge made an appropriate ruling, there's a chance you might be correct.

Appeals ruling categorizes civil settlement as joint property

Could money from a civil suit be considered joint marital property during divorce? That is what one appeals court is currently considering after an inmate received a massive settlement for wrongful incarceration. The man, who had been imprisoned for 20 years on a rape and murder charge, received a $20 million settlement for his wrongful conviction. Now, his wife wants a piece of the pie in their divorce proceedings.


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