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Successfully navigating long-distance visitation

It has been a while since the finalization of your divorce, and you and your ex-spouse are now on amicable if not always the friendliest terms. You have also worked out child custody plans that you both can live with, and the children seem to be adjusting well. However, your ex recently moved to a different city, which has thrown a wrench into the workings of your new family dynamic. One parent living in another city or state is not an original concept, but it can be challenging for single parents in Florida. How can you and your ex continue to effectively parent your kids when you live so far away from each other?

Who can benefit from a postnuptial agreement?

Undoubtedly, you have heard of prenups, which are premarital agreements that determine ahead of time the terms of your divorce, particularly asset division. Creating a prenup comes with the benefits of establishing open communication, securing your financial future and preventing fighting over property in the event of divorce.

3 tips for reentering the workforce

Divorce is stressful enough without anything else to worry about, but for many stay-at-home moms, separation also means that you must prepare to reenter the workforce. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 70.5 percent of women with children participated in the workforce in 2016. Despite the frequency of this situation, it can be a difficult adjustment. Here are a few tips for making it a smooth transition.

Recommendations for using your maintenance payments wisely

Florida's spousal maintenance laws may benefit you as you go through the divorce. After all, you took care of the house and the kids, and supported your husband to make it easier for him to pursue and advance his career. Laws change, though, and according to the Orlando Sentinel, legislators are again attempting to pass a bill that could affect your alimony.


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