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Divorce and school performance

Despite the irreconcilable differences that may lead Florida couples down the path of divorce, nearly all parties will usually agree they want the best for their kids. When considering the best interests of children, it is crucial to understand the significant impact a divorce could have on their academic engagement, achievement and future prospects.

Military deployment may affect child support, custody, visitation

Among the many effects military service can have on the lives of those in uniform, the potential impact on their families is perhaps the most burdensome. Deployments not only could strain family bonds but also could open the door for a possible custody dispute. It’s important for military men and women to understand the implications of the law regarding their parental rights.

Equal timeshare ruled a child’s best interest in Florida Senate

When Florida couples with children divorce, a judge is required to use certain statutory factors to determine how the children will spend their time with each parent. The ultimate goal for the judge is to apply these factors to determine what resulting situation will be in each child’s best interest and help them to maintain contact with each parent if it is appropriate for them to do so. While it is common for many former couples to maintain an equal timeshare over their children, it is not necessarily a guarantee that the judge will rule that this arrangement is in the child’s best interest.

Difference between physical and legal custody explained

When a couple divorces or needs to set up a legal framework to determine who is responsible for their children after they part ways, a child custody arrangement is usually the first step. This arrangement is made to determine who has the children and when, as well as who makes the important decisions in the children’s lives. These are known respectively as physical and legal custody. Both parents are often given the chance to share these responsibilities, although many choose to create arrangements to fit their individual needs.

Bird’s nest co-parenting explained

When couples with children divorce, many people may assume that the parents will separate and maintain their own households while the children are shuttled between the two. However, this is not always the case. According to Psychology Today, a new trend in co-parenting, Bird’s Nesting, is making it so that more children stay in their homes without having to rearrange their living conditions every few days.

What is Joint Custody?

If you have a child and are in the middle of a divorce, you may need to decide whether or not you will ask for joint custody. Joint custody, which is known as time-sharing in the Florida Statutes, dictates who will have responsibility for taking care of your child, as well as when and what that role entails.

What do kids need during a divorce?

In addition to dealing with property division, child custody, visitation rights and other decisions when going through a divorce, Florida parents must also help their children directly. Each child will have a unique reaction to and understanding of a parents’ divorce. Tending to the best interests of the child can be done better when parents keep the emotional needs and maturity levels of different kids in mind.

Can you prevent your child from being internationally abducted?

It’s a scary situation to think about. All of the rulings have been passed, the court has said its final word on child custody, but the other parent is not satisfied and decides to take matters into their own hand by abducting your child and absconding to another state, or even worse, to another country.

Children soon to be reunited with returned army mother

Child custody laws in any state can be tricky, including Florida. Though child custody is often associated with a couple that is going into divorce proceedings, that is not always the case. Custody battles can be fought without divorce being involved, and these battles can be just as complex, if not more so.


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