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Divorce and dividing jointly owned businesses

When two people start the process of going through a divorce, their expenses are always going to be intertwined to some extent. However, when they own a business together and need to go through the process of splitting this up, things are inevitably going to be more complicated.

How will a divorce affect your taxes?

Going through a divorce is usually a very personal and emotional decision to make; however, it will also have hard-hitting financial implications that it is vital to pay attention to. When going through asset division in a divorce, you should keep in mind the tax consequences of any decisions that you make.

How is art divided during divorce?

Divvying up sentimental items is often what causes the most heated arguments during divorce. Often items in a married couple's possession have priceless value to them, although to a neutral party the value would be negligible. When it comes to art during asset division, it can have both a sentimental value and a very high financial value, especially if one or both spouses are serious about art collecting.

Dividing assets the right way in divorce

When families have a multitude of important assets such as shared cars and holiday homes, dividing assets in the event of a divorce can be complex. This can also be true for less tangible assets such as stock options, retirement plans and even pieces of art or jewelry that hold sentimental value. More often than not, separating couples come into conflict in regard to who should keep what possessions. In this situation, couples often seek legal guidance and financial advice to help them navigate through this difficult time.

How to divide up even the most complex of assets in your divorce

If you and your spouse are going through a separation, then one of the first things you two can benefit from doing is sitting down and making a list of every single asset that the two of you have acquired during your marriage.

Financial infidelity: The problem of hidden assets in divorce

Marriages do not always end well, and when it's time for a divorce, people can sometimes get desperate. Hidden assets in divorce proceedings are more common than you might think. In fact, some spouses will even build a stash of cash in secret before they finally pull the trigger on the divorce process.

Dividing employee stock options in a divorce

Orlando executives can earn a lot of money in employee stock options. These options, technically speaking, don't have any value until they're executed and converted into stock. In some cases, they could even have negative value if the options have yet to vest or if they're underwater and not "in the money."


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