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Contemplating divorce with your retired spouse

It can be difficult, after many years of marriage, to decide on a divorce and all of the changes that come with it. However, if you are unhappy in your marriage, you may have simply come to the conclusion that life is just too short to not make the important changes that could possibly bring you long-term happiness.

Seeking a qualified domestic relations order

It is becoming increasingly common for couples to be contemplating divorce when they are reaching retirement age or are living in retirement. This is often due to the lifestyle changes that come about during retirement. Your priorities and expectations of what marriage means might change.

Why do parents wait to divorce until the kids grow up?

There is no single reason why parents wait until their children are adults to get divorced. In some cases, the parents haven't started having relationship issues until then. Financial issues could play a role. The empty nest could impact the parents' relationship.

'Gray divorces' often leave women in poverty

So-called 'gray divorces' between senior citizens frequently leave the wives impoverished, according to a study done by sociologists at Bowling Green State University in 2010. The women discover to their chagrin that meager Social Security benefits are insufficient to meet their basic needs.

Common qualified domestic relations order mistakes

A Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) is a document that concerns a person's pension plan and the relationship it has to one's former spouse after divorce. It is a legal document that instructs the pension plan administrator of how the pension plan shall be handled in relation to this.

Divorce after 50: Is it worth it?

Divorce over 50 is becoming an increasingly popular trend. "Gray divorce", as many are now calling it, is strongly linked to retirement and perhaps the discontent that comes with it. Being around your spouse 24/7 might not be as appealing as you might think once you begin to live the reality.

Tired of hearing everyone talk about the rise of "grey divorce"?

In our agist society, where less experienced young people are chosen for new jobs over more experienced older employees, it's easy to understand why people have become fixated on the "gray" divorce. The fact is, the baby boomer generation has long been one to do things differently -- so why would any baby boomer choose to stay in a bad marriage just because of the idea that older people aren't supposed to get divorced?

Senior citizen divorces and collaborative law

Orlando senior citizens considering divorce tend to be some of the bravest clients we've represented at Mercedes R. Wechsler, PA. We always take great pride in representing the older members of our communities in divorce proceedings. That's because they tend to be some of the most emotionally and financially stable, wise and calm individuals we get to represent in divorce proceedings.


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