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Can I file an appeal of a family court order in Orlando?

Many divorcing couples believe that their case is finalized once a judge signs off on the divorce settlement in their case. This isn't necessarily the case though. It's still possible for each spouse to appeal a judge's ruling. If that's not an option, then they can request to modify their divorce decree.

How do I appeal a Florida family law case?

One of the final steps in the divorce process is for a judge to enter a final judgment in your case. Once they do so, it will be necessary to file a motion to modify your court order. If you both signed a settlement agreement, then it may only possible to file an appeal if there are concerns over how it was reached or its enforceability.

Parenting provisions: How to address drugs, alcohol and tobacco

If you're like most parents, you probably don't want your children exposed to excessive drinking, marijuana use or drug use by adults and others who are around them. You might not even want your children exposed to excessive tobacco smoking. This is perfectly understandable and responsible. However, if your ex-spouse has a history of substance abuse, the problem of exposure to intoxicants and intoxicated people could be a very real concern.

How Florida child custody courts view domestic abuse

If you are a parent in the state of Florida and you have suffered domestic abuse at the hands of the other parent of your child, it is likely that you will be concerned about custody arrangements. You may believe that your child is at risk when they visit their other parent, and for this reason, you may want to limit visitation.

Young babies and visitation schedules

If you share custody of your infant, it is important that you consider how their age affects their needs. Young babies need consistency and to establish bonds with both of their parents when this is possible. Therefore, it is important that you work with the other parent as much as you can in order to establish a good schedule that puts the baby first.

What's the best parenting style for co-parents?

There is much debate on what the best parenting style is for helping children to be happy, successful and thrive. Every child is different, and it can be argued that parenting styles should be able to adapt to the unique preferences and needs of the child in question.

Creating a parenting agreement with your ex-spouse

When you have separated from the other parent of your child, it is likely that you will struggle to see eye-to-eye when it comes to deciding what is the best solution for your child. It is important that you try to separate relationship-specific issues with things that are actually relevant to the custody of your child. In this way, you can put your own differences aside for the benefit of your child or children.


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