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Dividing a business during a Florida divorce

When you want to understand more about how assets will be divided during your divorce, it is important that you pay attention to the specific laws relevant to your state. This is because state laws largely determine how assets will be divided. In the state of Florida, the equitable distribution model is followed for asset division in a divorce.

Dividing retirement accounts in the divorce process

When a married couple goes through the process of divorce, they will not only have to divide emotional aspects of the marriage, such as time with their children, but they will also have to split up all financial accounts in some way. This is one of the most stressful aspects of the divorce process for many, especially for people who are in a high-asset marriage.

Uncovering hidden assets in your Florida divorce

When you file for a divorce, it is likely that you are doing so because of toxicity and hostile behavior in your relationship. While the filing will be a way to get a fresh start and move on with your life, unfortunately the initial weeks and months after the filing will likely bring with it additional hostile behavior from your divorcing spouse.

Dividing multiple homes in a Florida divorce

If you have more than one home in Florida and you are considering filing for a divorce, it is understandable that you may become concerned in regard to how your assets might be divided during the process. When it comes to complex asset division such as this, it is important to get familiar on your state's laws regarding the matter. This is because different states have different rules.

Tips for finding hidden assets during divorce

Your spouse is supposed to disclose all assets that he or she controls during the divorce process. The unfortunate reality, though, is that many people try to hide assets so that they do not have to split them up. Divorce can be bitter, and people do not always play by the rules.

Divorce and dividing jointly owned businesses

When two people start the process of going through a divorce, their expenses are always going to be intertwined to some extent. However, when they own a business together and need to go through the process of splitting this up, things are inevitably going to be more complicated.

How will a divorce affect your taxes?

Going through a divorce is usually a very personal and emotional decision to make; however, it will also have hard-hitting financial implications that it is vital to pay attention to. When going through asset division in a divorce, you should keep in mind the tax consequences of any decisions that you make.


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