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Interference with Visitation or Time Sharing

Sometimes there is such bitterness that one parent will interfere with the visitation or time sharing of the other parent. This can take many forms. Scheduling the child for an activity during the other parent’s time, not encouraging the child to with the other parent, and constantly calling or texting the child when he or she is with the other parent are just some of the examples of interference or alienation we have seen in our practice. This is extremely frustrating to the other parent and can sometimes permanently damage the relationship between that parent and the child. This is very difficult and frustrating for a parent.

Mercedes Wechsler has represented a number of parents who have been the victim of all kinds of interference or alienation. These are tough cases because it also involves having to essentially deprogram a child who has been alienated from a parent. Mercedes Wechsler is fully prepared to enforce your time sharing or visitation rights so you can preserve your relationship with your children.