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Property Settlement for Unmarried Couples and Domestic Partners

Often couples, whether same sex or opposite sex, purchase real property together. When these couples break up and go their separate ways, the division of the real property can be difficult. Couples can prepare for this by entering into an agreement when the property is purchased. Similarly, after the couple splits up, they can still come to an agreement that is fair to both regarding the property. Mercedes Wechsler is an experienced attorney who can prepare a property settlement agreement which will fairly divide the value of the property whether before anything happens to the relationship, much like a pre-nuptial agreement, or after the parties have gone their separate ways. Issues to consider in such an agreement are should the property be placed for sale, how is a real estate agent selected, how are the maintenance and repair expenses handled, who gets the interest deduction, what happens to the sale proceeds, can one party buy the other out, and how is the fair market value and price determined.

Mercedes Wechsler can assist you in preparing an agreement that deals with these issues and anticipates the future possibilities. If necessary, Mercedes Wechsler can take your case to trial to get you a judgment that preserves your rights with respect to the property.