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Marital and Individual Counseling

Marital Counseling:

Reconciliation and the preservation of marriage are in the interest of both the family and society when it can be achieved. This should be given careful consideration by you at all stages of these proceedings. When a husband and wife cannot resolve conflicts in their marriage, seeking professional help is a sign of strength and maturity. Difficult problems often arise when two people from different settings are married and start living together. It can be hard to adjust to the demands of a marriage relationship which is never easy or uncomplicated.

Individual Counseling:

Individual counseling may be needed for a party and the children. Like all counseling, this should be given careful consideration, as the break up of the family is a difficult emotional time for all parties involved.

Counseling Resources:

Trained counselors, clergy, psychologists, psychiatrists and conciliators are available to assist couples or individuals who want help with their marriage, children or family relationships. Services of these professionals should be sought in the early stages of the proceedings before animosity and emotion are able to defeat what could be constructive and favorable to all involved.

The law provides a way for your attorney to seek to have the case continued for a period of up to three months while you and your spouse effect a reconciliation of your differences, even if a Petition for dissolution of Marriage has been filed.