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Once a child custody order has been created, the specific details regarding custody are firmly established. Modifications may be possible, however, if one of the parents experiences a drastic change in circumstances. If one parent wants or is required to move out of the state, he or she must inform the other parent. This sometimes leads to disputes and possibly child custody challenges.

Any modification of a divorce decree can be difficult. Child and parental relocation disputes, sometimes called removal proceedings, are complex and time-consuming, requiring the attention of an attorney that understands the process through which a custody order may be modified to allow the relocation to occur.

At Mercedes R. Wechsler, P.A., our Orlando attorneys are dedicated to helping clients deal with changes to their custody and parenting plans. We strive to ensure that clients keep the best interests of the children in mind while pursuing the modification necessary for relocation. Recently, many of the terms that Florida law used in child custody and relocation have changed. An attorney at our firm can review your case and help you understand how the new terminology is applied in your situation.

A relocation may be court-approved in several situations, including:

  • When a custodial parent remarries and is moving out-of-state with his or her new spouse
  • When a custodial parent gets a new job and needs to move out-of-state to support the child

If you have a strict timeline for your move, it is important that you get in touch with our office as soon as possible. There are many different legal processes and procedures that must be accomplished in order to ensure that the relocation process is completed correctly. The process may take some time, so having our firm on your side at the beginning of the process is certainly helpful in ensuring that it is properly navigated.

  • In addition to handling cases for clients seeking a move away or relocation, our firm represents the interests of clients who are attempting to stop another parent from moving away or relocating with their child. These can be complicated actions and require the assistance of an experienced child and parental relocation lawyer.

To further explore the possibility of modifying your child custody documents to allow for an out-of-state relocation, contact a lawyer at our office in Orlando at 407-839-1364.