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Protecting the Rights of Florida Fathers

Florida courts have made great strides in protecting the rights of fathers. No longer is there a presumption that the mother is automatically entitled to custody. Rather, courts today strongly favor arrangements where the father and the mother share parental responsibilities and rights, as well as time with the child.

Even so, fathers can face difficult challenges in establishing and protecting their parental rights, largely due to old views of fathers as primary breadwinners and mothers who stay at home and care for the children. Therefore, fathers need a strong advocate to protect their legal rights to child custody and parenting time.

Orlando fathers’ rights lawyer Mercedes Wechsler has extensive experience representing fathers in divorce and paternity cases and preserving father’s rights. Built on Ms. Wechsler’s 18 years of Florida family law experience, our firm can help you resolve a child custody dispute in court, deal with a mother who is trying to cut you out of your child’s life, file a paternity action and everything in between.

Understanding a Father’s Parental Rights in Florida

As a father, Florida law is clear that you have the right to be a part of your child’s life. In the vast majority of situations, both parents will have an active role, one with primary physical custody and the other with the right to parenting time (visitation). Even if your child primarily lives with the mother, you still have the right to be a part of their upbringing. For example, you have the right to:

  • Consult with your child’s doctor, dentist or psychologist
  • Discuss your child’s education with school officials
  • Attend school activities
  • Have input concerning your child’s health care and education
  • Have input on the religious and moral aspects of your child’s upbringing

Whether you were never married to the mother of your child or you are going through a divorce, the Orlando law firm of Mercedes R. Wechsler, P.A., is ready to help you understand and protect your rights as a father in Florida.

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