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At Mercedes R. Wechsler, P.A., we understand that the process of divorce is much more than the technical termination of a marriage. Child custody and visitation, including father’s rights and property division issues, can be extremely complex and emotionally difficult for all parties involved. Our attorneys have extensive experience successfully helping scores of divorcing families in Florida complete the process of separating and moving on with their lives.

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The process of divorce doesn’t always need to be a battle. In Florida, if the parties can agree on all the details of custody and property division, they can dissolve their marriage via an uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce is usually much more efficient for the parties — simply because they spend less time and money battling each other. When you contact our office, our experienced divorce attorneys can help determine whether an uncontested divorce is possible given each family’s unique circumstances.

Divorce is Complex. Let Us Walk You Through the Process.

There are many complex issues which parties might agree or disagree on. Our firm can explain the many factors involved in the divorce process and fight for your best interests involving:

We can also help you with any of the following types of family law issues:

Collaborative Law— Is it right for you?

When possible, many divorcing couples are now engaging in collaborative law for their divorce. The couples and their attorneys agree in advance not to litigate and instead pledge to work things out amicably. This is done through a series of meetings and can involve neutral professionals to assist the parties in coming to an agreement that works best for everyone without the stress, anxiety and trauma litigation can have. If either party ignores the agreement and decides to litigate, the attorneys must resign from the case. This is an open process between the parties and professionals. The negotiations that occur in the meetings are confidential. Attorney Wechsler is trained in collaborative law and is a member of the Collaborative Family Law Group of Central Florida.

Equitable Division of Marital Property

In Florida, when the parties are unable to reach a divorce settlement on their own, the court will distribute the marital assets between the two parties in an equitable fashion. Equitable, however, does not mean “equal,” but rather what is deemed by the court to be “fair.” Often, people prefer to work things out themselves and maintain more control over the divorce process — and their assets.

An experienced divorce lawyer can help you appropriately preserve your rights in a contentious divorce proceeding or help determine whether your rights can be preserved without acrimony. To explore the most appropriate procedure for your own case, contact our office in Orlando at 407-839-1364.