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Harassment, Threats & Injuries by the Other Party:

Should the other party be guilty of threatening or harassing you and/or the children or attempting to harm or injure you and you feel you need outside assistance, seek such assistance immediately through the police department and/or dial “911”. Inform us of what occurred (in writing, if possible, so that we will have it in our file) and keep us advised if this conduct on the part of the other party continues. YOU MUST NOT engage in similar conduct, as this will only serve to weaken your case and make your attorney’s job more difficult. If it becomes necessary, the court will issue an Injunction requiring the other party to stay away from you. An Injunction may be obtained by petitioning the Clerk of the Court and filling out an affidavit, in which you state the specific acts of domestic violence that have occurred and show what the other party has done to give you fear of imminent bodily harm. These petitions must be sworn to, and in the event a Judge issues a temporary  Injunction , there is usually a follow-up hearing within 15 days where the Court will address what is in your Petition and both sides will have an opportunity to present evidence and the Judge will make a determination as to whether or not to dissolve the Injunction, modify it or extend it indefinitely. An injunction proceeding is a separate action from a divorce or paternity case.