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How do prenuptial agreements work in Florida?

Readers are familiar with the basic idea of prenuptial agreements and why couples use them. It is common knowledge that these agreements are often used among celebrities, business owners and the wealthy in general. Because the law governing prenuptial agreements varies by state, we like to take the opportunity to write about the basics of prenuptial agreements in the state of Florida.

How is alimony awarded in Florida?

Alimony can be an important financial resource for those who have been disadvantaged by divorce. But how exactly do Florida courts determine when and how to award alimony? State law specifies that judges are first to consider whether either party to divorce has an actual need for alimony and whether either party has the ability to pay alimony. If it is determined that there is a need for one party and an ability to pay by the other party, the next question is the appropriate type and amount of support.


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