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Why are more older couples getting divorced?

More and more older couples are deciding to end their marriages after decades of being together. If you are over the age of 50 and you're considering ending your marriage, you probably know exactly why you want to make such a move. You should also know that you're not alone.

What does 'dissipation of assets' mean?

If you're contemplating divorce or you believe that your spouse is, it's essential to start getting your financial house in order with the help of your Florida family law attorney, a financial advisor and perhaps a forensic accountant. Otherwise, you could find that your spouse has blown through a significant amount of your marital assets to avoid having to divide them up with you.

What courts consider when one parent relocates

Few things are as tough for a court to decide as a relocation child custody case. Two parents who live near each other may not have a hard time initially agreeing on a child custody plan where both are still heavily involved in the child's life. When one decides to leave Florida and move to Maine or Texas or California, though, it can mean one parent realistically loses that relationship.

Important issues surrounding military divorce

A military divorce needs to be handled very differently from a regular divorce from a legal perspective. As such, when a military servicemember goes through the divorce process, several important areas need to be considered and addressed either in court or in an out-of-court settlement. At Mercedes R. Wechlser, PA, we regularly help our clients with a variety of military divorce-related issues including:

Why are military divorce rates dropping?

Fewer military personnel have been deployed overseas in recent years than at the height of U.S. involvement in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. It might seem that having service members at home with their spouses would lead to greater marital strife and divorce. However, the divorce rate among members of the military has actually been dropping steadily since 2011.

Is it common for people to hide assets?

When people don't want to share their money and other assets during a divorce, there's one way they can get around splitting what they have with their spouses: They just hide the assets. Then, when everything goes through the property division process, those assets are safe and stashed away.

Why a prenuptial agreement is a good idea

While the thought of a prenuptial agreement may not seem romantic, such a document is becoming more common among the engaged, with good reason. A prenuptial agreement is not only for couples with high incomes. There are plenty of reasons having one in place is a smart idea.

Divorce order appeals in Orlando

As with other types of legal matters, it may be possible to appeal the decision reached by a divorce court regarding an Orlando divorce case. By appealing a divorce court ruling, one of the spouses will be challenging the court's decision in an attempt to change the rights and obligations required by the final divorce judgment.


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