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Senior citizen divorces and collaborative law

Orlando senior citizens considering divorce tend to be some of the bravest clients we've represented at Mercedes R. Wechsler, PA. We always take great pride in representing the older members of our communities in divorce proceedings. That's because they tend to be some of the most emotionally and financially stable, wise and calm individuals we get to represent in divorce proceedings.

Divorce rates have risen for female military service members

Getting married can benefit couples when one person is in the military. Spousal benefits can be quite attractive, and when one spouse is stationed overseas, the military may pay for the other spouse to join. However, divorce rates have increased for female military service members in recent years.

Dividing employee stock options in a divorce

Orlando executives can earn a lot of money in employee stock options. These options, technically speaking, don't have any value until they're executed and converted into stock. In some cases, they could even have negative value if the options have yet to vest or if they're underwater and not "in the money."

Recommendations for using your maintenance payments wisely

Florida's spousal maintenance laws may benefit you as you go through the divorce. After all, you took care of the house and the kids, and supported your husband to make it easier for him to pursue and advance his career. Laws change, though, and according to the Orlando Sentinel, legislators are again attempting to pass a bill that could affect your alimony.


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