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How Florida child custody courts view domestic abuse

If you are a parent in the state of Florida and you have suffered domestic abuse at the hands of the other parent of your child, it is likely that you will be concerned about custody arrangements. You may believe that your child is at risk when they visit their other parent, and for this reason, you may want to limit visitation.

What is rehabilitative alimony?

When calculating how much money one spouse is to give another during a divorce, it is critical to consider several factors. A particular type of alimony may be preferable over another, and some spouses going through a divorce will want to look into rehabilitative alimony

Dividing a business during a Florida divorce

When you want to understand more about how assets will be divided during your divorce, it is important that you pay attention to the specific laws relevant to your state. This is because state laws largely determine how assets will be divided. In the state of Florida, the equitable distribution model is followed for asset division in a divorce.

The process of a divorce as a military member

If you are a member of the military and you are planning to file for a divorce, you may wonder how the process differs as a military person rather than as a civilian. While the process of filing for divorce is essentially the same, the benefits associated with being a military family member can mean that there is more at stake.

Talking to your adult children about your divorce

If you have adult children and were married before they were born, it is likely that your children had a stable and happy upbringing. While you will be proud of that, you may feel uneasy about making the decision to divorce after your children have grown up and left the house.


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