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Military identification cards and divorce

If you're married to a military servicemember and planning to get a divorce, you're probably wondering what will happen to your valuable military identification cards and the benefits that come with it. In the majority of situations, you will lose your ID card, but only after the completion of your divorce. There are also some exceptions.

Cohabitation agreements and marriage after 50

More and more Florida residents are getting married past the age of 50. It is certainly exciting any new couple falls in love and gets married, but from the perspective of a seasoned Florida divorce lawyer, it's always best to take precautions before and during marriage to prevent the threat of a difficult divorce process. One of those precautions might relate to signing a cohabitation agreement.

Can I appeal my child custody order?

Most parents choose to settle their child custody matters in out-of-court agreements. Such an outcome is preferable because, although the parents may need to reach a compromise, they remain in control of the result. When a case goes to trial, on the other hand, a family court judge will make the decision, and the outcome isn't predictable with full accuracy. Sometimes the result is not even appropriate under the law.

Do you want to relocate to another state with your child?

Let's imagine that you received the most important job offer of your life. You'll have more responsibility, double your income and have a lot of chance for advancement. The problem is, the job opportunity is in Atlanta and you live in Orlando with your son, who has to spend half the time with his father each week.

4 ways to tell if your spouse is hiding assets during a divorce

Divorce may be traumatic and emotional even in the best of situations. When you have spent your life supporting your husband and raising your kids, you may find it difficult to re-enter the workforce or find your own identity. This means that you must be protected as much as possible during the divorce to ensure that you have the financial means for the future. If you fear your spouse may be trying to deceive you and hiding assets he does not want to share, watch for these signs.


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