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3 financial tips for divorcing women

Nothing about divorce is easy or simple. Chances are you are feeling like your entire life is in utter chaos, from your finances to your family. One of the scariest aspects of ending your marriage is the financial impact. Managing your finances is stressful enough in any situation–divorce just adds more fuel to the stress fire.

Devising a parenting schedule that works for everyone

When you have separated from the biological parent of your children, it is likely that you will need to learn how to engage with him or her in a different dynamic: as a coparent. If the separation is still raw, this may be a very challenging thing to deal with; however, over time, you will both be able to find a way to successfully co-parent together for the benefit of your kids.

Tips for finding hidden assets during divorce

Your spouse is supposed to disclose all assets that he or she controls during the divorce process. The unfortunate reality, though, is that many people try to hide assets so that they do not have to split them up. Divorce can be bitter, and people do not always play by the rules.

How am I allowed to spend child support?

As you know, the child support you receive not only helps you provide for your children, but also removes some of the weight from your shoulders. However, you may receive a great deal of unsolicited input on how to spend your child support, whether it comes from well-meaning family members and friends or from a critical ex-spouse. Understandably, you and other custodial parents in Florida may worry about whether the courts or your ex can monitor or mandate your child support spending.


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