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Using retirement funds to pay child or spousal support

Florida residents who get divorced know that they have many financial decisions to make during the process. There may also be ongoing financial obligations once a divorce has been completed, such as the need to make spousal support or child support payments. People who must make these payments should know that they may have the option of utilizing funds from select retirement accounts or pension funds for these purposes.

Child support determinations in Florida

If you are getting divorced in Florida and you have one or more minor children, one of the many concerns you may well have is how you can continue to financially support your children. Whether you are the parent who is required to pay support or you are the parent who will receive support, understanding how the state of Florida determines child support will be important for you to know.

Can I use retirement money to pay child support?

When a couple in Florida makes the difficult choice to get divorced, many new financial challenges may develop. Living alone is generally more expensive than sharing living costs with your former spouse. Regardless of whether both of you worked or only one of you worked, now two households must be maintained on an income that previously only had to support one household. When you have minor children are you are ordered to pay child support on top of everything else, you may wonder how in the world you can make ends meet.


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