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3 steps to reentering the workforce after a divorce

Marriage is all about making sacrifices and supporting your partner. In an ideal situation, both partners share this burden equally. Sometimes, however, one spouse makes personal and professional compromises in order to support the career and endeavors of the other. This can be ideal if a couple is planning on starting a family or already has children. It can also be a problem if the couple happens to divorce.

The impact of a military status on families

As a divorcing parent, the profession that you have should never have to influence the custody you have over your children after the divorce has been finalized. However, when you are a member of the military, the duties that you have can potentially impose on your duties as a parent. This is why there may be implications on the custody agreement that is made.

Divorcing seniors: How to search for hidden assets

When a couple is older, there's a better chance that they'll have a higher net worth than their younger counterparts. For this reason, so-called "grey divorces" tend to involve more money, assets and property. Divorcing seniors sometimes have retirement accounts, pensions, various real estate investments, art, antiques and other types of valuables -- all of which will need to be divided during their divorce proceedings.


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