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How do I appeal a Florida family law case?

One of the final steps in the divorce process is for a judge to enter a final judgment in your case. Once they do so, it will be necessary to file a motion to modify your court order. If you both signed a settlement agreement, then it may only possible to file an appeal if there are concerns over how it was reached or its enforceability.

How to divide intellectual property in your Florida divorce

When getting a divorce, you must go through the process of dividing marital assets. Some types of property and sources of money are relatively easy to split. Deciding who gets a car or how to distribute money from a bank account are fairly simple decisions. Other some assets, like intellectual property, are far more complicated to untangle. 

How can we split the art collection in our divorce?

If you and your spouse are art collectors and now face a divorce, you may struggle with divvying up the pieces. In addition to their financial value, artwork can retain strong sentimental value to collectors, making it hard to part with cherished pieces.


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