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How Florida fathers can gain full custody

If you are a father, it can be devastating to feel as though you are not getting the time that you deserve with your child. It is therefore vital that you understand what needs to be done in order to make a compelling child custody case and ensure that your relationship with your child is protected.

Saving the family business during a divorce

If you own a Florida business with your spouse, but are contemplating divorce, deciding what to do about your mutually-owned business may become one of the most contentious aspects of your impending divorce, second only to child custody issues. The longer you have been married and the more successful the business has become, the more difficult it likely will be to determine how to divide its value between you as part of your fair and equitable distribution of property during your divorce.

Dealing with child custody internationally

Child custody disputes can be heartbreaking enough when they occur within the same town. However, having to deal with a dispute across international borders has the potential to bring on a whole new level of stress and complications. The good news is that since international disputes are becoming more common, there are more legal regulations in place to help parents navigate their custody crises.

Understanding Tricare and military divorce

When a military couple gets divorced, there are often many questions surrounding Tricare, and whether the benefits will live on for both spouses. There are also many questions that arise in regard to what paperwork updates should be completed in relation to Tricare when getting a divorce.


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