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Military deployment may affect child support, custody, visitation

Among the many effects military service can have on the lives of those in uniform, the potential impact on their families is perhaps the most burdensome. Deployments not only could strain family bonds but also could open the door for a possible custody dispute. It’s important for military men and women to understand the implications of the law regarding their parental rights.

Possibly reduce or end alimony when an ex finds someone new

Florida law allows those who have been ordered to pay alimony to petition the state for spousal support modification or even termination of alimony when their former spouses move in with other people, as long as it can be proven that their exes have entered into “supportive relationships.” The 2015 Florida Statutes provides that a supportive relationship may be alleged to exist when former spouses reside with people to whom they are not related by blood or marriage. The statute defines certain circumstances the courts will use to determine the nature of the relationship when considering modifying or ending alimony.

Equal timeshare ruled a child’s best interest in Florida Senate

When Florida couples with children divorce, a judge is required to use certain statutory factors to determine how the children will spend their time with each parent. The ultimate goal for the judge is to apply these factors to determine what resulting situation will be in each child’s best interest and help them to maintain contact with each parent if it is appropriate for them to do so. While it is common for many former couples to maintain an equal timeshare over their children, it is not necessarily a guarantee that the judge will rule that this arrangement is in the child’s best interest.


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