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Co-parents: What if a better life awaits in another state?

Sometimes, a change in location is just the thing you need to radically transform your life -- and the life of your child. Maybe you're in Florida, and your career specialty doesn't have any opportunities here. Maybe you received a once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity that will pay you so much more income that it will improve the kind of life you can provide for your kids.

4 tips for dealing with a difficult spouse during divorce

When you and your spouse walked down the aisle, you assumed you would be madly in love forever. As you know, though, sometimes marriages simply do not work. Whether you spent a few months or several decades with your spouse, navigating divorce proceedings can be a tremendously emotional endeavor. 

Divorcing seniors don't have to confront divorce with trepidation

Researchers with the Pew Research Center note that those 50 years of age or older are getting divorced at double the rate now than what they were in the 1990s. While many would argue that this increase in divorce rates among seniors has to do with the fact that these individuals are living longer than previous generations, this isn't the only explanation for this increase.

Is your spouse hiding Bitcoin assets during your divorce?

Does your estranged spouse have a fascination with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin? You might want to make sure that all of that currency is accounted for. Hiding property during divorce is unlawful, but countless spouses do it anyway. Now they're turning to secret and anonymous cryptocurrencies for the purposes of hiding marital assets.


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