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Difference between physical and legal custody explained

When a couple divorces or needs to set up a legal framework to determine who is responsible for their children after they part ways, a child custody arrangement is usually the first step. This arrangement is made to determine who has the children and when, as well as who makes the important decisions in the children’s lives. These are known respectively as physical and legal custody. Both parents are often given the chance to share these responsibilities, although many choose to create arrangements to fit their individual needs.

Understanding collaborative law

Not all divorces involve complicated issues or a great degree of conflict that the parties need to work through. In those situations, it may not make much sense for couples to engage in a traditional divorce, which can take more time and money to complete than their situations would call for. An alternative solution is collaborative law. At Mercedes R. Wechsler, P.A., our staff often asks our clients to consider whether or not this type of divorce may be beneficial for them.


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