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Divorce can take a toll on women

You knew when you were going through your divorce that it would not be easy. However, you were unprepared for the months of heartache, as well as financial hardship, to follow. You saw your divorce as the first step toward peace and freedom after an unhappy marriage, but now you are beginning to wonder when your happiness begins. You are not alone – countless women in Florida went through the same trials during and after their divorce that you are now enduring.

How to explain relocation to a child

Going through a child custody battle is never easy. It is even more difficult on the children. Once it is done, all parties can begin to recover and live life. But, what if you need to relocate with your child for a new job? If you have custody of the child, you should find out what is legal and what is not when it comes to relocating during a custody arrangement. Here are some tips for explaining relocation to your child in Florida.

How is a military divorce is different from a civilian one?

As a member of the military, you've likely lived in different states or countries for various periods of time. You could easily be ordered up and shipped out to training or a hot spot at moment's notice. This is one of the many reasons military divorces are handled differently from civilian ones.

Considering divorce after a retirement

Divorces are filed by married couples at all stages of their lives. However it is increasingly common for retired couples to decide to divorce. The fact that the divorce rate among couples over 50 has doubled in the last 20 years has sparked a phenomenon that is commonly referred to as "gray divorce".


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