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Know what to expect from your military divorce

When a couple divorces while one or both partners serve in the military, it can create complications that civilian divorces never consider. If you or your spouse are active service members when divorce comes knocking, it is important to understand how the military may, or more importantly may not, affect the process or the outcome.

Can alimony cover schooling or career training?

If you are working your way through a Florida divorce, you are probably facing many uncertainties. Divorce can affect virtually every area of your life, from where you live and work to how often you see your children, and navigating the transitions that arise from a familial separation is rarely easy.

Divorce and dividing jointly owned businesses

When two people start the process of going through a divorce, their expenses are always going to be intertwined to some extent. However, when they own a business together and need to go through the process of splitting this up, things are inevitably going to be more complicated.

Where does the law stand with child relocation?

It is very common for a child to relocate, sometimes out of state, following a divorce or separation of his or her parents. This is why there is a lot of procedure surrounding it. When there is a dispute and the issue is taken to the courts, they always take the opinions of both parents into account before making a decision that is based on the child's best interests.


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