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Successfully navigating long-distance visitation

It has been a while since the finalization of your divorce, and you and your ex-spouse are now on amicable if not always the friendliest terms. You have also worked out child custody plans that you both can live with, and the children seem to be adjusting well. However, your ex recently moved to a different city, which has thrown a wrench into the workings of your new family dynamic. One parent living in another city or state is not an original concept, but it can be challenging for single parents in Florida. How can you and your ex continue to effectively parent your kids when you live so far away from each other?

Seeking a qualified domestic relations order

It is becoming increasingly common for couples to be contemplating divorce when they are reaching retirement age or are living in retirement. This is often due to the lifestyle changes that come about during retirement. Your priorities and expectations of what marriage means might change.

How will a divorce affect your taxes?

Going through a divorce is usually a very personal and emotional decision to make; however, it will also have hard-hitting financial implications that it is vital to pay attention to. When going through asset division in a divorce, you should keep in mind the tax consequences of any decisions that you make.

When can a parent make medical decisions for a child?

When you are a custodian of a child, the responsibilities go far beyond the simple visitations that you have with your child. You, of course, have the duty to love, protect, and help them grow up to be responsible adults. With these responsibilities, you will have to take them for medical consultations from time to time.

How is art divided during divorce?

Divvying up sentimental items is often what causes the most heated arguments during divorce. Often items in a married couple's possession have priceless value to them, although to a neutral party the value would be negligible. When it comes to art during asset division, it can have both a sentimental value and a very high financial value, especially if one or both spouses are serious about art collecting.


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