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What are supporters and critics saying about the alimony reform proposal?

by | Apr 21, 2015 | Alimony, Firm News |

We’ve been discussing in our last posts the topic of alimony, particularly permanent alimony and an ongoing attempt in Florida to do away with these awards. We left off last time discussing changes a current proposal would make to alimony awards in Florida and the arguments for and against these changes.

Reforms to Florida’s alimony system have been slow in coming, in part due to the vocal opposition of critics who say that previous measures have unfairly benefitted the breadwinning spouse. Supporters of the current changes, on the other hand, say that the current system fosters an attitude of entitlement. The changes, it is argued, will result in a more streamlined process for determining alimony awards, and couples will have a better ability to predict awards. Supporters also say that the measure strikes a balance between the interests of spouses with respect to alimony awards. 

Some critics of the current proposal, however, say it doesn’t go far enough to protect the interests of the non-breadwinning spouse, while other critics say that the bill involves too much standardization and doesn’t leave enough room for judges to consider equitable issues. It is difficult to satisfy everybody when proposing changes to things like alimony and only time will tell how far the measure gets and whether any changes will be made.

Alimony can be an important issue in some divorce cases, and it is important that spouses work with an experienced attorney to ensure their interests are reflected in the final alimony award. This is especially true for spouses with less earning power and financial resources.