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Children soon to be reunited with returned army mother

by | Sep 6, 2015 | Child Custody, Firm News |

Child custody laws in any state can be tricky, including Florida. Though child custody is often associated with a couple that is going into divorce proceedings, that is not always the case. Custody battles can be fought without divorce being involved, and these battles can be just as complex, if not more so.

One single mother discovered this the hard way, unfortunately. The woman served the U.S. in the army for two years. However, when she returned, she discovered that her step-mother had lost custody of both of her children and that they were living in the foster care system in New Jersey. This started a long battle in which she attempted to regain custody of her two children.

Though the question of her suitability for parenthood was brought up once, her primary roadblock was all of the governmental rules and regulations that are involved in custody cases. The New Jersey government stated that it would turn the children over as long as the Florida government upheld the services that the New Jersey government was providing. While this was initially denied, the governments were eventually able to reach a consensus.

There is still red tape to maneuver around, and the transfer may take 8 to 9 months to be complete. However, this simply goes to show that the right arguments and teams of legal help can aid a person in even the most complex of child custody cases. This is a good thing for anyone facing child custody litigation to keep in mind.

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