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The downside of social media during a divorce

by | Sep 11, 2016 | Firm News |

When getting divorced, Florida residents have many things to pay attention to. They certainly have to deal with their emotions and the challenges associated with letting go of the dreams of a planned life together. They may also need to give kids extra care and focus as they work through their parents’ divorce. Also, divorcing spouses should be extra aware of their online activities or those of their spouses.

The Huffington Post explains that just like email and text content, what is posted on social media may be able to help or hurt people in their divorce proceedings. For example, if one spouse notices that the other is posting pictures from exotic vacations while claiming the inability to pay spousal support, the courts may take note of that discrepancy. A parent who is seen online out partying while the kids are at home with a babysitter may have a harder time making a case for custody.

Understanding this, some people may be inclined to cancel their social media accounts. However, that could also become problematic as doing so may be considered destruction of evidence. Perhaps the best course of action is to remain prudent about what is posted not just by oneself but by others as well. Even posts on a third person’s social profile including photos or reference to a divorcing spouse may be utilized in a divorce proceeding.

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