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How to emotionally survive divorce

by | Nov 7, 2016 | Divorce, Firm News |

Going through a divorce is usually challenging for everyone involved. Whether you have lingering feelings for your spouse, are worried about your children or feel overwhelmed by financial changes, divorce takes an emotional toll.

It is important to learn coping skills that will enable you to emotionally survive – and eventually thrive. Here are five things you can do to help yourself make it through.

Talk to friends and family.

It is important to keep the lines of communication open between you and your friends and family members. Closing yourself off in an effort to hide the pain you may be feeling can cause you to alienate yourself from those who are concerned and willing to support you throughout this trying time in your life. Talking with your loved ones can help lessen the emotional impact of your situation, in part because you will not be so focused on the proceedings and will be actually interacting with people you enjoy.

Become organized.

A lack of organization during and after divorce can cripple you emotionally because it can lead to stress and frustration. You can remain relaxed and emotionally stable about your situation if you can become more equipped to manage multiple things at once, such as your finances, deadlines, paperwork and appointments.

Stay active.

Going through a legal separation can certainly disrupt your workout routine, but inactivity can make any negative feelings you have about the situation worse. Join a gym, fitness class or some type of group activity that keeps you active and allows you to make new friends.

Make time for yourself.

In the midst of a divorce, it can become incredibly easy for you to lose sight of yourself, especially if your split is contentious and there are children involved. No matter how frustrating things may seem, you should always set aside some personal time for yourself so you can relax and clear your mind. Learn to meditate or do yoga so you can improve your mental well-being.

Seek professional counseling.

It is also a good idea to seek out professional support in the form of counseling. By preparing yourself for the worst possible outcome, you can better plan for what is to come. You may find yourself stressing over the uncertainties in your situation, such as suddenly becoming the breadwinner of a single-earner household. Counseling can help you stay realistic about your divorce situation so there are no unexpected surprises later on.

It is normal for you to feel emotionally overwhelmed by your situation at times. However, how you deal with those feelings will determine how well you overcome them.