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Tips for entering the workforce after divorce

by | Jan 6, 2017 | Firm News |

In many divorces, the woman finds herself in a difficult position because she has spent years at home raising kids and is now forced to enter the workforce to support her family. While the non-custodial spouse may be required to pay child support and alimony for several years, women often lose significant amounts of income along with health insurance and retirement when divorcing. As women re-enter the workforce or go back to school to train for a new position after a divorce, the following tips can be helpful.

Know your strengths and weaknesses

Be realistic about what you are good at and where you struggle. When you look for the ideal job descriptions, determine what you have to offer that makes you a good fit for that job. If you’ve handled the household bills and budget over the years, you may be a good fit for an accounting or bookkeeping position. If you’ve volunteered in schools or for other organizations, your career could extend into non-profit work. The things you’ve done in your time at home should be considered an asset to you as you re-enter the workforce.

Tap into your network

If you’ve been out of the game for a while, it can be difficult to get your foot back in the door without someone on your side. Reach out to your professional network or even those you know personally to help you get a good referral. Just the right name on a resume can catch the attention of a hiring manager or recruiter for the job you want.

Don’t limit yourself

You might have a degree in teaching from long before you started raising kids, but that doesn’t mean that is all you are qualified or prepared to do. Don’t limit yourself to one role or job. Be creative and search for jobs that stretch your talents and encourage you to try new things.

Have confidence and know you are not alone

Statistics from the Center for Work-Life Policy show that close to one third of women in the workforce will take a break at some point in their career, whether that is because of childcare issues, family concerns, illness or injury. Many corporations and organizations see this time as a benefit because you are ready to start fresh with no pre-conceived notions about the industry. Don’t be afraid to sell your brand and make new connections online and from your past to help you get a job.

While divorce can be a particularly trying time for a woman who must seek out a job after so many years of not working, it is possible. If you are facing a divorce and want someone on your side to help you navigate the tricky waters, you may benefit from speaking to an attorney.