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Florida could pass new alimony reform bill

by | Feb 24, 2017 | Complex Asset Division, Firm News |

The National Parents Organization (NPO) is publicly supporting an alimony reform law that Florida state lawmakers are currently considering. The NPO is a political action group that supports equal rights for fathers and mothers, and better lives for children, through family court reform.

The most recent alimony reform law that lawmakers are considering offers enhanced predictability of a judge’s decision-making process. The law would help families know what to expect financially in advance of their divorce proceedings. The law also does not include a 50-50 child sharing measure, which allegedly inspired Governor Rick Scott to veto last year’s attempt to reform Florida’s alimony laws. Furthermore, the bill would do away with the concept of “forever alimony,” which gives spouses the ability to stop alimony after a party has retired.

According to the chair of the NPO, permanent alimony doesn’t fit our modern society. The chair stated that modern alimony recipients need to take responsibility when it comes to earning a living following their divorces. Because the law would add more predictability to family law judges’ decisions, it would also help spouses settle the financial components of their divorce proceedings without the need for costly litigation. At this time, the new law is waiting to be considered by the House Civil Justice & Claims Subcommittee.

Orlando spouses, who are concerned about the way the issue of alimony will be decided in their Florida divorce proceedings, can contract the services of a family law attorney to represent them in the matter. No matter what side of an alimony debate one happens to be on, an experienced divorce lawyer can advocate for the fairest possible resolution to the problem available.

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