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2 Florida socialites finalize divorce after 28 years of marriage

by | Mar 3, 2017 | Complex Asset Division, Firm News |

After 28 years of marriage, two members of Miami “high society” — Bob and Jody Dickinson from Miami — have decided to bring their marriage to a close. News about the couple’s breakup hit local newspapers on Valentine’s Day. The dissolution of the marriage was finalized by a family court judge on Jan. 18, but the transfer of millions of dollars in divorce settlement money to Jody Dickinson didn’t happen until February.

Court documents show that both parties kept their heads cool and calm throughout the divorce, which allowed them to bring their complex asset division matter to a close relatively quickly. All the process required was a single court hearing and two private mediation meetings. The divorce settlement itself was finalized on Nov. 22 of last year.

Bob Dickinson made his name in business as the long-term chief executive officer (CEO) of Carnival Cruise Line. Both he and Jody Dickinson are known for their fundraising and philanthropic efforts. They have hosted countless nonprofit fundraising events, and worked for multiple charities. Bob is best-known for his work to help the homeless population, and Gov. Rick Scott appointed him to work on the Florid Council on Homelessness. Jody is known for her involvement in several non-profits that protect animal rights.

This high-society couple clearly took the high road in their divorce proceedings. Their example is certainly one that can be emulated by any couple that is willing to work together toward a peaceful dissolution of their marriage, and toward a peaceful complex asset division process. If you and your spouse are planning to divorce, and you want to do it quickly, cost-effectively and peacefully, be sure to talk to your family law attorney about strategies for the peaceful dissolution of your marriage

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