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Uncovering hidden assets in your Florida divorce

by | Aug 17, 2018 | Complex Asset Division, Firm News |

When you file for a divorce, it is likely that you are doing so because of toxicity and hostile behavior in your relationship. While the filing will be a way to get a fresh start and move on with your life, unfortunately the initial weeks and months after the filing will likely bring with it additional hostile behavior from your divorcing spouse.

A common activity that divorcing spouses engage in is the act of hiding assets during a divorce so that they are able to keep an unfair share of the assets after the divorce has been finalized. If you are in a high asset marriage, you should be particularly aware of this and make sure that you have taken necessary precautions, as well as knowing how to uncover hidden assets.

Check account statements

Looking at statements on your joint account can help you find out whether any items were purchased without your knowledge or if any checks were cancelled. You can be extra diligent by making sure that you have copies of every financial account that you have together.

Check with the courthouse

The courthouse will have records of all applications for mortgages and loans. Therefore, this can be a great place to look if you are suspicious that your divorcing spouse may be trying to invest in property with joint assets while the divorce is being finalized.

It is vital that you carry out investigations into the locations of your joint assets when filing for a divorce. If you are the one filing for a divorce, it might be wise to make financial plans before physically filing.