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Getting back into the workforce as a single parent

by | Mar 25, 2019 | Firm News |

Did you have the start of a promising career when you got married? Many people give a lot to a marriage. Some might work while others may give up the chance to the career to focus more on things at home.

Even if you had a part-time job while you were married, that does not necessarily mean that you are suited for a career as a single person. Part-time jobs and freelance work may not be compatible with your lifestyle, especially if you intend to still be a primary caretaker for your children or maintain your marital residence. You may want to get more training. 

This problem could potentially find a solution in Florida’s spousal support system. For example, if you had a college degree or had already started in a professional position before marriage, you may be able to get temporary spousal support to go back to school or to get retrained in your field.

These types of agreements are often more attractive, as they would allow you to start to depend on your own income. If this had been your plan before or even during your marriage, then it would only be logical to continue with it after your divorce.

There are many reasons that you could get temporary spousal support:

  • Raising children
  • Completing education
  • Getting specialized training
  • Looking for a job

These types of support payments may also depend in part on the amount of time you were married. You may want to look into an alimony worksheet online to see some of the things that courts take into account when determining spousal support payments. Once you complete one of these worksheets, you would probably have a better understanding of where you stand in so far as your opportunity to collect payments. After that, you could meet with an advisor to develop a strategy for your Florida divorce proceedings.