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5 common misconceptions about later-in-life divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2021 | Blog, Divorce |

Later-in-life has become so common nowadays it has its own name. Grey divorce occurs when individuals over the age of 50 elect to end their marriages. Currently, couples between 55 and 64 have a 43% divorce rate, the highest of any age group.

Even though gray divorce happens frequently, there remains much misinformation about it. Here are five misconceptions about later-in-life divorce you should not believe.

1. Your divorce should be easy

Even if your marriage is not working, calling it quits can be difficult. While divorcing later in life may give you access to financial resources and emotional support, you should not necessarily expect your divorce to be easy.

2. You will lose everything

You and your spouse have worked hard to build wealth. While you probably stand to lose some of your marital estates, Florida law entitles you to an equitable share of everything you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse own. This likely includes your retirement accounts.

3. Your divorce is a midlife crisis

Midlife crises occur when individuals perceive a disparity between their real lives and their fantasy ones. If your marriage breaks down later in life, you likely have some valid issues that have little or nothing to do with a midlife crisis.

4. Your family will hate you

Even though breaking the news of your divorce to your adult children and other family members can be challenging, those closest to you may not react with anger or resentment. In fact, if divorce is the right course of action for you, your loved ones are likely to support your decision.

5. Your divorce will devastate you

If you think there is still some good in your marriage, divorce may be heartwrenching. While you can expect to experience anger, sadness and even depression, your divorce does not have to devastate you. Leaning on family, friends and mental health professionals may help you with the transition.

While these misconceptions are commonplace among older adults, every divorce unfolds differently. Ultimately, with effective planning, your divorce may be smoother than you think.