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5 ways a divorce may become contentious

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2021 | Family Law Appeals |

Divorce most often results in conflicts with the involvement of children and money. As a result, property division and child custody are two of the most common sources of contention for separated couples.

Explore the factors that can potentially make divorce more difficult and extend legal proceedings.

1. Contentious custody exchanges

If your custody exchanges create conflict with your former spouse, reduce hostility by meeting halfway. Avoid conflict in front of children, as they mimic their parent’s struggles and fail to learn appropriate emotional regulation. Calm yourself before exchanges and arrive on time, alone and without recording devices.

2. Financial disputes

When property division becomes difficult for a couple, a neutral third party can potentially help them reach a compromise. If you cannot agree independently or with the help of a mediator, the judge will make a property division agreement on your behalf.

3. Communication during non-custodial time

Present and engaged parents are in the best interest of the child. Arrange set times for discussions about conflict rather than bringing up these issues during custody exchanges. If the schedule is an issue, try a third-party app to stay organized and document communication

4. Communication through children

Do not relay custodial messages through children. Seek therapy to cope with the emotions of divorce. Family therapy for children can foster healthy relationships.  A therapist can help develop appropriate boundaries for parent-child relationships.

5. Social media shaming

Do not air your dirty laundry on social media. Do not shame your ex-partner or brag about a new relationship. Respect each other’s privacy and unfollow your ex-spouse. Tell your family and friends to do the same.

Following these steps can help make this transition easier for the whole family.