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Will child custody agreements change in the summer?

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2022 | Blog, Child Custody |

When you were first married, you decided to stay home with the children. Not only did you spend your days having quality time with the kids, but you saved money on daycare. As a stay-at-home parent, summers were carefree.

Now that you have divorced, you need to earn a living. Staying home is no longer an option. Now that you work full-time, will your custody agreement change in the summers?

Consider the kids’ schedules

The first thing to remember is not your schedule but your children’s. Do they go to summer camp? Will they have sports practices? Write down a complete list of their summer activities. Sit down with your ex to find an amicable solution to split these duties. You may find that you can keep your current living arrangement when rotating driving duties.

Try to settle disputes in mediation

The most desirable way to handle custody arrangements is outside of the courtroom. Legal battles can be messy, and kids notice when tempers flare. Children of divorce adjust better to their new situation when they see their parents working together for their best interest.

Without mediation, the courts will decide

If mediation is not possible, the courts will determine the custody arrangement. Judges will try their best to offer equal time to parents. In Florida, the law refers to shared custody as “timesharing.” Timesharing can include equal guardianship or supervised visitation, depending on the circumstances.

Flexibility in your timesharing arrangement can give you and your ex some breathing room in the summer months.