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Domestic Violence: Why do women stay?

by | Sep 25, 2014 | Domestic Violence, Firm News |

As we continue to hear about the amount of doemstic violence in our society, we are bothered by the nagging question: Why do women stay?  That question is addressed in the September 26, 2014 issue of The Week and it quotes a number of reasons from various sources.  The reasons range from concern for the children, finanical concerns, embarrassment, fear of more violent attacks, and family history. 

Although this is getting attention because famous people are involved, domestic violence affects all levels of our society.  It is about control by the abuser over the victim.  This control appears physical but can take many forms including financial and emotional.  Even if the abuser is arrested, the victim is not necessarily safe.  Seeking the protection of a domestic violence injunction may give that extra layer of security for a victim.  Often bond conditions will prevent an abuser from coming near the victim, but those bond conditions evenutally go away and they can be modified.  The injunction will keep the restrictions in place even if the bond is modified or terminated.  The injunction will also provide for safety during exchanges of children.