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Can getting a divorce hurt your health?

by | May 26, 2016 | Firm News, High Asset Divorce |

Ending a marriage in Florida can be a trying experience for everyone involved. In fact, wrangling with important issues such as child custody and the division of marital property could take a toll on your health in several ways. It could even increase the likelihood of losing some portion of your mobility.

One study showed chronic ailments afflicted widowed and divorced people 20 percent more often. Such persistent health issues may represent complications from other problems that may be caused by the stresses of divorce. These conditions are serious in their own right, and may include the following:

  • Nightmares, insomnia and other sleeping problems
  • Heart disease, particularly among women who divorce in middle age
  • Increased risk for the abuse of substances such as drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, especially among men
  • Emotional distress, including feelings of worthlessness, anxiety, pessimism and depression
  • Significant, rapid decrease or increase in weight

It may be more important to stay on top of your health during and after a divorce than at just about any other part of your life. Seeing a therapist could help you control your stress and contextualize your situation. The hurt and confusion of divorce may be a major contributor to the development of harmful habits that could lead to bigger health problems.

It is also a smart decision to get regular checkups with your doctor. He or she may spot the early physical signs of serious medical conditions such as metabolic syndrome. Early diagnosis and intervention are often crucial to successful treatment.

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