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Celebrity couple breakup might provide insight into divorce

by | Sep 26, 2016 | Firm News |

Florida residents, like others around the country, have been watching national headlines explode with news about one of the latest celebrity divorces to be announced, now being referred to the breakup of the couple called Brangelina. Apart from seeing yet another celebrity couple’s marriage and family disintegrate for all to see, this divorce may actually be able to be a way of understanding a few things about divorce in America today.

While some reports have indicated that the high-profile couple may be divorcing in part because their approaches to parenting their six children are too different. A professor at the University of Utah insists, however, that there is little evidence to support that parental styles generally contribute to divorces. In contrast, communication is put forth as the most common factor in marital dissolutions.

Beyond contributors to divorce, the professor puts forth the idea that there are several key things that may signal which couples have higher chances of getting divorced than others. These include getting married at very young ages or living together before getting married. Also considered to increase the risk of divorce is having been married at least once before and having relatively little education.

Average Floridians may or may not be able to be learn from the breakup of famous people. However, it is possible for Florida residents to learn important information from a family law attorney when they may themselves face an impending divorce.


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