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Advice for relocating with kids following a divorce

by | Jan 26, 2017 | Firm News, Relocation |

After ending your marriage, your life will change in multiple ways. You may even decide to relocate. The decision to relocate, however, becomes complicated when children are involved. Is your spouse okay with your decision to relocate? Can a custodial obtain permission to relocate if the noncustodial parent disagrees?

Ex-spouses might need to resolve the above questions in court, or they might be able to settle them in an out-of-court agreement. Regardless how the matter is resolved, if you want to relocate with your children, keep the following points in mind:

— Courts will consider your child’s well-being above all else. Your personal preference of living in the mountains or on the beach – or your preference of living in a warmer climate over a cooler one – will not supersede the court’s perception of your child’s best interests. Your child’s best interests will also trump the possibility of you receiving an important career advancement if you relocate.

— You will have to prove that the relocation will minimally impact your child’s quality of life. You may even be tasked with proving that the move will have a net benefit to your child’s quality of life that exceeds the emotional and psychological benefits of the child being close to the non-custodial parent.

— Your motives could be criticized by loved ones and the court. Even though your intentions are pure and you only want what is best for your family, family members and loved ones will likely criticize your decision to move. Some will say that you’re being vengeful, angry and bitter – and the court may also accuse you of this. As such, it’s important to wait until the intense emotions of divorce have passed, as the opposing lawyer may try to reveal those emotions in court proceedings in an effort to prevent your relocation from happening.

Orlando parents hoping to relocate with children following a divorce proceedings may want to discuss their legal options with an experienced family law attorney. A lawyer will help you review the facts of your case to determine the most appropriate strategies to pursue your desired result.

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