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As a father, should I appeal my divorce?

by | Jan 26, 2018 | Family Law Appeals, Firm News |

Sometimes a divorce ruling might not have been what you wanted to hear, and as a result, the consequences can feel devastating. You always have a legal right to appeal the ruling; however, you are wise to question whether this is a good idea, both in terms of the finances that you put at risk as well as your chances of success in the appeal.

When it comes to making an appeal, you should take the time to consider carefully what your next move should be, and never make a decision out of impulse or anger.

How much time can I take to consider an appeal?

The answer to this question depends on the type of ruling that you are given. However, you may have between seven to 30 days in which to file an appeal. Therefore, it is vital that you find out how much time you have as soon as possible.

Will an appeal be more money than it’s worth?

It will cost you over a couple of hundred dollars just to file the initial appeal, so yes, appeals will be quite expensive. However, you should attempt to weigh this up against the possible benefits, financial or otherwise, that you might gain from a successful appeal.

How long will an appeal take?

Do not expect an appeals process to be resolved in a matter of weeks. With the exception of extreme circumstances, the process could take up to a year.

It is important to think rationally and research the law in respect to your situation when considering whether to file an appeal for your divorce case.

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