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Devising a parenting schedule that works for everyone

by | Apr 26, 2018 | Family Law Appeals, Firm News |

When you have separated from the biological parent of your children, it is likely that you will need to learn how to engage with him or her in a different dynamic: as a coparent. If the separation is still raw, this may be a very challenging thing to deal with; however, over time, you will both be able to find a way to successfully co-parent together for the benefit of your kids.

One of the pillars of successful co-parenting is being able to devise a successful parenting plan and visitation schedule. This requires the full cooperation of both parents, and although it can take a while to establish, it will make all the difference for parenting success.

How should I start to write a parenting schedule?

Designing a parenting schedule requires the participation of both parents, and potentially all caregivers. It is a good idea for you to sit down with the other parent and write down a list of expectations that you have, as well as limitations, such as work and other commitments. You should look at a calendar and make general notes from there.

A successful parenting schedule does not just depend on the logistical needs of the parents. It should be centered on the emotional needs of your children, and this should always be the primary focus. Make sure that you put yourself in your kid’s shoes, and consult with your children if they are old enough, to ensure that they are happy with the changes.

Consistency is key when it comes to good co-parenting. If you want to learn more about co-parenting successfully in Florida, an attorney can help.

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