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Divorce can take a toll on women

by | May 30, 2018 | Firm News |

You knew when you were going through your divorce that it would not be easy. However, you were unprepared for the months of heartache, as well as financial hardship, to follow. You saw your divorce as the first step toward peace and freedom after an unhappy marriage, but now you are beginning to wonder when your happiness begins. You are not alone – countless women in Florida went through the same trials during and after their divorce that you are now enduring.

It may not surprise you to learn that women often have more challenges recovering from a divorce than men do, even when the divorce is the woman’s choice. LiveStrong provides a few examples as to why this may be the case:

  • Even today, women generally earn less than men, and transitioning from having two incomes to one can be extremely stressful.
  • Women still tend to be the primary caretakers of children and the household, and a divorce can add to their financial and emotional burden if they did not work outside the home during the marriage.
  • It can be discouraging, stressful and even frightening to get back into the dating scene after a long marriage. Women may be afraid to get into another unhappy relationship, fear rejection or have difficulty finding someone compatible, which can add to their overall dissatisfaction with their situation.

These situations may seem bleak, but you can give yourself some peace of mind by considering the other side of the coin. You are now free from years of unhappiness or abuse. You may have opportunities that you did not have before, such as improving your job skills or continuing your education. With your children getting older, you may have more time for socialization and dating. Like obtaining the right legal counsel, having a positive mindset and goals to help you get where you want may help you recover emotionally and financially from your divorce.