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Talking to your adult children about your divorce

by | Oct 5, 2018 | Elderly Divorce, Firm News |

If you have adult children and were married before they were born, it is likely that your children had a stable and happy upbringing. While you will be proud of that, you may feel uneasy about making the decision to divorce after your children have grown up and left the house.

Priorities change as you grow older, and making the right choice for yourself is commendable, especially when your children have become independent adults. You may still be wondering what you can do to make the conversation less awkward when you break the news to your children, whatever age they might be. Therefore, it is important that you discuss your plans with your divorcing spouse so that you can present a united front.

Change is difficult at any age

It is likely that your children will be surprised or shocked when you tell them of your plans to separate, especially if you have not shared your dissatisfaction with your marriage previously. Therefore, it is a good idea to break the news in a calm way, without heightened emotion. It is best if you can explain the entirety of the situation and the lead up to it as honestly as possible.

If you have grandchildren, you might think it necessary to arrange quality time with them and your divorcing spouse in order to reassure them that both their grandfather and grandmother are here for them no matter what.

Divorcing can be tough no matter what age you are. If you are considering a divorce in the state of Florida, it is a good idea to learn more about how the law works.